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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Journeys ® Lesson 29 A Boat Disappears

Watching the Southern 500 at the end of a long week. Only 14 days until summer vacation!!! Is anyone else counting? Of course you are. Our 4th annual Mother's Day tea was a huge success. I do need to ask if anyone has tips for ensuring that each child has a "mom" present. We sent home RSVP invitations this year instead of attendance letters and still had several motherless kiddos. :( 

This week we will attempt to remain on a structured schedule because it maintains our sanity. I developed this unit to go along with Journeys ® Lesson 29 A Boat Disappears. My kiddos are in need of some new learning activities to keep them engaged in the last few days. We have so many activities planned that writing and maintaining small groups during reading while also administering year end assessments is next to impossible without it. You can view a sample at my TPTstore.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!


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