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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Angry Birds Day

I have seen a lot of bulletin boards lately with the Angry Birds. I have to admit that I really don't know the premise of the game, but we don't have to always understand everything about what our kiddos like in order to connect with them. My kids this year have been obsessed with Angry Birds. They play it in their parents' phones, iPods, the classroom iPad, etc. They write about them in their journals. Draw pictures (very good ones) with directions on how to play the game. only made sense to celebrate the end of the year with an homage to the Birds. We ate Angry Birds gummies (thanks to Wal-Mart), made pencil toppers, and masks. We competed to see how many words we could make from Angry Birds. We also played the physical rendition of Angry Birds with the classroom red Angry Bird and green Solo cups. Each table completed the activities in a rotation. We had a scoreboard posted at the front of the room to keep track of the "pigs" knocked down by each team. There was a tie, so we awarded one point for each word made. The kids had a great time. I will incorporate the birds into next years plans, but I will include a writing activity to go with it. I would have this year, but it was our next to last full day.

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