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Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Books Linky Party

Reading is an adventure that unlocks worlds, feelings, passions, and memories we hold dear.
My favorite childhood book has to be Margeret Wise Brown's Goodnight Moon. In seventh grade, I would walk from class to class with a book in hand. We passed around Judy Blume's Are You There God?, It's Me Margaret. By the time I got to read it, I had to hold it gingerly so the pages wouldn't fall out. My favorite classroom read aloud is The Gingerbread Cowboy. I discovered this book several years ago while looking for versions of gingerbread man stories. One of my boys rapped the repeating verse and I was hooked. Every year when I share this book, I have to share the story of why it's my favorite. During the school year, I only read profession books. My favorite is Debbie Miller's Reading With Meaning. I still pick it up every year and discover a new insight to incorporate in my reading instruction. During the summer, I love to find a great beach book - something that stirs up emotions and causes me to reflect on my personal relationships. My absolute favorite so far was a book I read last summer - The Help. Currently, I am doing something I have never done before - I am reading more than one book at the same time. These are my current reads: Debbie Diller's Spaces and Places, Nicholas Sparks' A Walk To Remember, Candice Cameron Bure's Reshaping It All, and Debbie Diller's math station book (online).

Now it's your turn, but don't delay. There are only a few more days to join the party.

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  1. Thanks for linking up to "My Favorite Books". "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret" was a favorite of mine, too. I'd like to send you your "loot bag" for linking up, but I can't find your email. If you email me at jenrunde(at)yahoo(dot)com, I can send it to you.