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Monday, July 4, 2011

Can you believe I only spent $26?

I'm disappointed, but happy with my finds. I went to Target looking for the wonderful baskets and bins everybody was finding only to be disappointed yet again. However, I did find the cutest and kid friendly wipe off markers and erasers to use with these cute posters. Money, money, money!!! I have so many ideas for these mats.


These boxes are going to store partner sets of base ten manipulatives. The trays are for sorting. I have some round trays I bought at DT several years ago, but I can place rule cards or math talk cards in the center for sorting. The calendar notepad was so cute, but I got an idea while I was staring at it in the middle of DT. At first I tried to justify buying it as another organizational tool, but then I remembered TIMELINE!! It's magnetic - so I'll write important events for the week and post it on the fridge in my room. After we complete the events, the page can be torn off and added to the classroom scrapbook with a picture of the week!! I'm super ecstatic over this idea.



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