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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Positively Rewarding Linky Party

My principal asked us to contribute a list of possible positive rewards to include in our behavior plan for the fall. We are using PBIS and looking at a possible "Honey Pot" (our school mascot is a bear). I submitted a list, but still want some input from teachers who have implemented PBIS. If you have a great idea, join in the fun. My principal and I will submit the entries to our staff for a vote and choose a winner - PRIZE!!


  1. Our School implemented "How full is your bucket" There is an adult and children's book that we used for this system. Staff was encouraged to fill each other's buckets throughout the year- treats, notes, end of year nominations for a special reward. Students were encouraged to fill each other's buckets in the classroom.

    We use "wrangler" rewards (small papers with our school logo on it- teachers write their names on it and then copy it)Students write their names on the back. We can give wrangler rewards out for any reason. We have a place in the classroom that we collect them. It is sent down to the media center every Friday and put into a jar- one jar for K-2 and one jar for 3-5. Administration draws 5 or 10 names out of each jar and those names are announced on our school wide announcements (verbal high five) and they can go to media center to get a treasure box reward from adm.

    "Caught ya being good" Another system implemented school wide. Same idea as wrangler reward but labeled caught ya being good. We try to catch the random acts of kindness such as helping someone else, picking up trash on the ground, taking a lost item to the office... Teachers/staff can have these slips and hand them out to anyone school wide- again with Teacher names on it.

    Those are a few of the system wide things we do as a school. Hope it makes sense- if you have questions, please email me.

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  2. Our mascot is an Eagle, so we have implemented A.I.R. which stands for Accountability, Integrity and Respect. We have A.I.R. cards that students can earn and put into a big box. At the end of the month we choose 2 cards from the AIR box and these kids get a prize from the principal's office. Then we put ALL of the cards in a huge box and choose winners to have lunch with the principal. The kids really like it and everyone understand what "AIR behavior" is. It's awesome!

  3. Check out my blog for free bucket filler pics & docs to use in the classroom. I used it this year & the kids LOVED it & it helped improve my classroom management & we had hardly any bullying issues.

    Mel D
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