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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day Idea

We have a Mother's Day Tea. We send home invitations on floral stationary for the tea, which is held on the Friday before Mother's Day. We serve light pickups and iced tea. The children present their gift (a flower planted in a planter) and a poem or story about their mother. I think we're going to use the Mailbox foldout flower card this year. I'm also going to ask our support staffers to take pics this year so I can post and send home copies with the students. Grandmas are welcome in place of mothers who can't make it.


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  2. I do this same thing but I also have the kids draw a portrait of mom and we hang them all up, the moms have to guess which one is them. The kids are ALWAYS so excited about this part! This year I am having one dad come.... the girl has no grandmas or aunties and her mom and dad recently divorced.